How far in advance should I book an event?
4-5 months to assure the booth you want is available on that date.

How big is the booth?
All of our booths are approx 6 feet long 4 feet wide and can fit 4 people easily sitting down. Fit as many as you can!

Do you provide Props?
Yes, we will provide your guests with a large selection and our friendly attendant will encourage you to be creative and have fun.

Who sets up the booth and when?
A delivery team, attendant comes with the vintage booth rental and will help direct your guests in and out of the booth during the event. The
booth usually takes 30-40 minutes to set up and take down.

Can I have different color backgrounds and curtains?
Yes, you can choose from many different colors of fabric we stock.

Still have questions?
We are here to help. Just click ask Joe, the owner of "The Vintage Photo Booth", he will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Call Joe: 805-308-4601
or get a quick email response: